Protective Coating

Easy to clean, low maintenance

CwShield is a patented molecular bonding process that permanently penetrates glass and protects the surface from hard water stains, calcium and lime buildup, as well as soap scum. Its Diamond-like hardness shields the glass for lasting protection and beauty. CwShield adds more features, benefits and value to your bath enclosure over any other treatment in the industry.

Factory applied CwShield is done using a highly automated, computer controlled vapor deposition chamber. This factory applied process guarantees that your glass is fully protected for years of enjoyment.

Cleaning your doors back to the original luster and clarity will be easier than ever.


Increased Protection Against:
Calcium Deposits
Sodium Deposits
Lime Deposits
Crayon and Markers

The Green Impact

In addition, by significantly reducing the frequent use of harsh cleaners, CwShield helps you do your part to protect the environment – eliminating harmful chemicals that can reach our streams, lakes and oceans, and the air that we breathe.

In-Home Kit

Great for all kinds of applications.

CwShield eliminates the need for harsh chemical cleaners.
For the “do-it-yourself” enthusiast CwShield protective coating offers an easy-to-use, self-application coating process for silica-based surfaces such as glass, porcelain, tile and granite, ensuring the treated surfaces are water repellent, as well as more stain, scratch and impact resistant.

CwShield seals and protects shower doors, counter tops, sinks, toilets, mirrors, windows, tiled walls, and many other common surfaces in homes, businesses and managed facilities. This makes maintenance easier by preventing mineral deposits and soap scum build-up, thus requiring less frequent cleaning. And better yet, when cleaning is required, CwShield makes the few deposits that do occur much easier to remove.

CwShield In-Home Kit includes four (4) CwShield glass protection towelettes, two (2) restoration powders, a nylon buffer, an abrasive pad and a microfiber towel.

Kit covers approximately 56 square feet.

Revitalization Kit

Revitalize It!

Helps maintain the original “just applied” condition.

No protective coating is maintenance free, nor do any last forever – that is why we created the CwShield Revitalization Kit.

This all-in-one kit helps make the very basic routine maintenance even easier and may help save you money if you’ve neglected that maintenance for some time.

Kit includes four (4) CwShield revitalization towelettes, one (1) restoration powder, a nylon buffer, an abrasive pad and a microfiber towel.

Kit covers approximately 56 square feet.

You can do it

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