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Painted 1 1/2″ wide steel frame, Duraflect® copper-free mirror and steel track and channel

Door Insert: Duraflect® copper-free mirror
Door Style: Framed
Frame: Steel
• 3mm Duraflect® copper-free mirror
» Elimination of copper dramatically improves quality and life expectancy
» This creates a durable, superior grade mirror with exceptional quality

• 1 1/2” wide 26 gauge painted steel frame

• Heavy-duty 24 gauge steel one piece top channel and bottom track
• Bottom rolled with jump-proof track
• Top channel and bottom track with finish to match
• Injection molded top guides for smooth operation

• 1 1/2” diameter wheels with hardened steel races and 5/32” ball bearings in extra-heavy 18 gauge steel housing
• Side rails are hollow extrusions (tubular) for added strength
• Steel back braces are hot melted to each panel for added strength and rigidity to help prevent warpage
• Duraflect® copper-free mirror panel has 400lb category II safety backing

• Standard sizes
» Width: 47″, 59”, 71”, 83”, 95”, 107”, 119”, 143”, 167” and 191”
» Height: 80 1/2” and 96”
• Custom sizes
» Maximum individual panel width is 48″
» Maximum opening height is 99”
• Adjustment range for opening height is up or down 1/2”

• Polished or 1/2″ beveled mirror fascia
Decorative back painted glass inserts
Decorative mirror inserts
Decorative mirror inserts
• Face beveling design (v-groove)

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